SUP – Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Rivers, Ocean , City Waterways - A new sport for everyone!

Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Grading 1-2 easy to challenging
Length 1 – 2 day trips around the Western Cape, 3 – 4 day trips on Orange River
Season All-year round.
Distance 1 Hour – Western Cape

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a brand new offering from Gravity Adventures. We have been scouting various routes over the last 12 months and have come up with some great options!

Day Trips

We are currently scouting sections on the Upper Breede river and the Berg river for a fun reliable section of water. Trips will be run over 4 – 6km long and with have fast flowing water through chanels with some rapids aimed at beginner /intermediates. The trip will last around 2-3 hours and will run in winter and summer. Inflatable SUP will be used and included in the price. We also offer SUP experiences in the West Coast National Park, based at the pristine Kraal Bay. We also sell the boards and promote the use of the inflatable SUP packages.

Multi Day Trips

We have scouted various sections of the Orange river and are happy to say that we have found some amazing options with both fast moving water with deep rapids and stunning moutainous desert scenery! The trips are eith 3 day 4 night options or 4 day 5 night depending on the time you can afford away.

Because these trips are new to our itinerary we will be treating each enquiry as a tailour made package. You can forward enquiries to


Web prices subject to change without notice.

River experience R 695.00 day including instruction, excluding board
Ocean experience R495.00 day including basic instruction, excluding board
City waterways R 495.00 day including basic instruction, excluding board
SUP rental *R495.00p/day including pump and paddle

*Subject to change.

Ask about our group discounts.

The sport of SUP’ing is categorised by these basic disciplines:

1.Flat water/Touring – this discipline appeals to all skill levels on any body of water from lakes, estuaries and rivers to the ocean. Generally the boards are longer and wider with extra volume making them stable and easy for anyone to use. The advantage over sit down paddle sports is that you are looking down into the water allowing you to take in all the ocean has to offer. Sitting down in a kayak with the glare on the water often does not allow this

2.Race – race is a relatively new development in the sport of SUP and like any other sport, competitiveness has led to faster, sleeker boards specifically designed to race. Most race boards are still stable but because of the waterline length are less manoeuvrable and harder to turn. Events can be found on the ocean with 10km plus downwind races, as well as canals through fairly urban areas such as harbours and waterfront developments, making it accessible to the general public

3.Surf – this is a fast developing and ever changing aspect of the sport of SUP. Initially, there was a drive to develop the shortest boards possible that one could still stand up on, allowing for maximum performance on the wave. This for can be quite tricky beginners so choose the board carefully when entering the sport or you could be doing more swimming than surfing! The designs are based on performance surfboards which have been long in the making, ensuring an ever changing range of Surf SUPs from the major manufactures. This should settle down with time.

4.River–This is a relatively new development in the sport, making way for plastic and inflatable boards which can handle the demands of the river environment. Ultimately the sky is the limit with this discipline but it is ideally suited to class 1 and 2 river stretching it to class 3 for the more advanced paddlers.

We at Gravity are concentrating on Flat water touring and River exploration and have combined our legendary standard packages to be used with a SUP! We have split the packages into Full Day tours and Multi Day tours.

10 good reasons to get into Stand Up Paddleboarding.

1. Fun

Paddle boarding is the most exciting sport you will ever have tried, guaranteed! It allows you to get out there and experience Fun wherever you paddle and whatever discipline.

2. Easy

If you can stand up, then you can definitely SUP. SUP’ing is easy. The sport is aimed at all skill levels and there is scope for moving onto new challenges within the same sport!

3. Healthy/Exercise (The body)

SUP’ing is a great workout, it works the whole body focusing on the core and also offering you an aerobic workout. So it has the benefits of Pilates and running at the same time. because it requires the use of all muscles – from your feet, legs, back, stomach and neck muscles. Various osteopaths also use SUP as therapy as it’s low impact, so people who have problems in the lower back and sciatic areas can take advantage of its health advantages! What other sport can give such a claim?

4. Relax and Revitalize

SUP’ing is one of the most relaxing and meditative sports you can do.On a calm day, the feeling of gliding across the glassy water is one of the most relaxing things ever.which relax your body and clear your mind, it’s an effortless form of meditation, and all this while giving you a great workout. Zen on the water!

5. Anyone

Unlike other sports, SUP boarding is great for all ages, from 3 to 90.Even dogs can ride along. Kids start off as passengers and, before you know it, are paddling on their own.

6. SUP Anywhere

Wherever there is water, you can SUP.Because SUP boarding is versatile, it can be done anywhere you find water – lakes, rivers and oceans, in any weather condition, so there’s no need to wait for a full swell.

7. Commune with Nature

You’ll get to see nature in action, from the most perfect viewpoint, with the ocean under your feet, amazing sea-life moving about, beautiful sunsets and serene sunrisesat a sweaty gym! And since this sport only requires your Shibumi SUP board and your paddle you can bring it with you when you travel!

8. Solo or Social

With SUP, you can spend some meditative time alone, or share the fun with!

9. Family and Kids

Because SUP’ing is so child-friendly, it’s an awesome way to spend time as a family.

10. Addictive and Effortless

There’s something about the sense of freedom and power you get when you’re on a SUP board that will have you begging for more.