Red Rock River Camp

November 12, 2021 - Uncategorized

We back in charge of our Property in Onseepkans which we bought in 2014. Red Rock River Camp was born around Gravity Adventures rafting clients needing a base to camp before and after their Rafting trips. Subsequently it has hosted African Waters for the last 4 years who offer high end guided fishing tours. It […]


Zambezi River to loose its rapids due to proposed Dam?

January 30, 2019 - Uncategorized

It is almost unbelievable that in my short lifetime we will loose 2 of Africa’s iconic whitewater rivers to DAMS. These dams – politically driven and sold under the pretence of job creation and progression will starve our future generation of these natural wonders. At what point do we as the general public stand up […]


10 Reasons to Raft the Orange with Gravity this Summer

August 17, 2016 - Travel, Uncategorized

You will experience true wilderness – Unlike most other operators, our trips are run on one of the last true wilderness areas of the Orange River. No roads, no people, just you and nature. This may seem intimidating but we can promise, it will be a life enriching experience! It’s excellent value for money – […]